Dead Favours - Mr Lonely

Publish Date
Tuesday, 2 November 2021, 9:10AM

Possibly the band’s favourite song they’ve written to date they say!

It was written about a friend who was going through a tough time that’s reflected in how dark but beautiful and strong the song is.

It was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland where the band were finishing up on their last day and Jared said “hey do we have time to try one thing?!”, so they quickly mic’d up Neil Finn’s beautiful Steinway grand piano they had been looking at throughout the session and Jared jammed through the song a couple times and it sounded amazing so they kept it! 

With the build-up to the Aotearoa Music Award this Friday night, Dead Favours wanted to share their gratitude and what it was like making their most recent record. "Writing fresh music and getting to move into a studio for a few days to lay it all down is one of the highlights about being in this band, so we put together a little behind the scenes video about what goes the making of a Dead Favours record and what we had to go through to get the recording done earlier this year.”

The 6-minute video touches on the band's creative process and how working around constant lockdowns and disruptions played a part with them trying to record the first instalment in their two-part album (of which the second part had been pushed back to next year after spending the last 4 months in lockdown”.

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