Angels & Airwaves release atmospheric "All That's Left Is Love" music video

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Saturday, 27 June 2020, 11:57AM

On Thursday (June 25), Angels & Airwaves dropped their music video for “All That's Left Is Love” after sharing the song back in April.

“We made this video last month during an already unprecedented and uneasy time for our world,” Tom DeLonge wrote on Instagram about the video. “Since then, there have been more important issues in this country that naturally shifted our collective focus and voice in support of the Black community. That focus has not ended or slowed, our fight for equality and justice is just beginning - the time is NOW. As we continue to educate ourselves and put in the work each day, we decided we wanted to share this with you. 'All That’s Left Is Love' represents an idea that we hold firm to during these times - at our core we are connected, through support and compassion we can get through this world united, and together we are LOVE.”

The video opens with a quote from the guitarist that reads: “We never appreciate the connection we have with others until it's gone, and although we may not be able to change the first part of the story, we can for sure change the ending.”

The video then flashes to shots of the singer playing guitar in his home and walking along the beach alone for the majority of the scenic and moody clip. Toward the end of the visual, each member of the band is shown around different locations signifying unity and connection.

“OMG the last 10 seconds with the band members coming back literally put me in tears,” one fan commented on YouTube while another wrote, “Please let this mean that Matt's graduated from "touring member" to "full member" of the band -- the guy's been an amazing addition on tours.”

The band is just wrapping up its next album and while we still don't have a release date, DeLonge said in an Instagram post that “final tracks start next week.”

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