Billie Joe Armstrong tells hilarious story of why 'Dookie' artwork changed

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Tuesday, 19 May 2020, 1:46PM


If you have a physical copy of Green Day's 1994 CD Dookie go grab it now and take a look at the back cover's artwork because there are two different versions!

Like many great bands including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Nirvana, Green Day had to make some changes to its album artwork.

In an Instagram post on Sunday (May 17) featuring a fan edit of the album, Billie Joe Armstrong explained the hilarious story that resulted in the band needing to change the artwork after confusing one innocent grandma (apparently the name Dookie didn't give it away that it was not for kids).

“This is funny. Ernie from Sesame Street was on the original back cover of Dookie,” Armstrong revealed. “The story goes a grandmother bought dookie for her grandchildren because she thought it was a children’s album. Whoops. And well.. we had to take Ernie off.”

The original photo, taken in 1993, features an Ernie puppet losing his sh**t at an NYC gig where Green Day was opening for Bad Religion. Apparently it was enough to confuse the elderly and they edited the Sesame Street character out of the photo.

Many fans commented about which version they own and it turns out the original Ernie version is common in countries across the world, excluding the United States.

To finish his caption, Armstrong asked if anyone could identify the girl on the cover as he's been wondering about her. “I always wondered whatever happened to the girl just to the right of the puppet with short hair? Anyone know?” he asked his followers.

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