Chris Cornell's wife clarifies "misinformation" about statue vandalism

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Saturday, 29 August 2020, 3:24PM
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Last week, someone vandalized a statue honoring Chris Cornell outside Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture by painting it white. And while much of the response in the following days was outpouring of love from fans, there's been some misinformation floating around. On Tuesday (August 25), the Soundgarden frontman's widow Vicky Cornell cleared the air in a lengthy Instagram post.

"I know the news of the vandalism was as heartbreaking to many of you as it was to our family. So I wanted to share this with you and clarify the misinformation that continues to be spread online about supposed rioters and 'save the children' protestors being responsible for this senseless based on a image being circulated showing writing on the sidewalk ..." she wrote. "A few days prior to the vandalism, someone wrote in sidewalk chalk 'Save the Children' in front of the statue. It rained the night before. Consequently, by Thursday AM when the vandalism occurred, much of the chalk writing was gone leaving only the words 'Children.'”

"Sadly, the same accounts involved in spreading this false narrative are the very ones who previously 'liked' posts wishing/encouraging that someone would deface Chris’ statue," Vicky continued. "It is heartbreaking to think that anyone would wish for such a senseless act. It is equally upsetting to now see these same people falsely blaming others. We would appreciate it if those accounts would stop spreading misinformation and fomenting discord, as it tarnishes Chris’ legacy, masks the truth, and hurts those who Chris loved as well as Chris’ true fans"

Read Vicky's full statement below.

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