Dave Grohl reminisces about Jamming with Prince in an empty arena

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Thursday, 9 April 2020, 8:14AM
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Even rockstars have rock and roll fantasies, and for Dave Grohl that was jamming with Prince. This was the subject matter for the Foo Fighters frontman's latest installment of his quarantine storytelling series, Dave's True Stories. The story began in a dressing room at The Forum in Los Angeles, where the Purple One asked Grohl if he wanted to come by and play at a show the following Friday.

“It was a proposition that I had wished for my entire adult life,” he confessed, “but never in my wildest dreams imagined possible. Jam. With. Prince. Absolutely unfathomable."

As the story continued, Grohl recalled when Prince played "Best of You" during the 2007 Super Bowl. “I was watching the greatest living performer known to man sing my song to 100 million people as if it were his own (and, it goes without saying, much better than I ever could)," he reminisced. "I will always remember it as my life’s greatest compliment.”

When the day finally came, Grohl said his "rock and roll fantasy was coming true.” He ended up playing drums with Prince and his band during soundcheck at The Forum, which was empty.

“I had fulfilled a life dream, with no evidence of it to share with anyone, other than a memory that will stay with me forever," he concluded his story. "I only saw Prince once after that. We just smiled and said hello. And when I heard he had passed, I sat in my car alone, crying, feeling both blessed to have shared these moments with him, and heartbroken that there would be no more. There will never be another like him. We were lucky to have him while we did. I miss him dearly.”

Read Grohl's full story below.

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