Dave Grohl surprises superfan by ioining his 'Grohlathon' livestream

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Wednesday, 19 August 2020, 6:42AM
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Dreams came true for one Dave Grohl superfan, who was surprised with an appearance from his idol during a recent 24-hour Instagram Live session dubbed "Grohlathon."

As the story goes, musician Pat Finnerty, who hails from Pennsylvania, has honed in on his rock music fandom amid the COVID-19 lockdown by going on Instagram Live to challenge himself to learn every part of classic songs by Billy Joel, Huey Lewis and more in under an hour. Finnerty's recent goal of catching Grohl’s attention on Saturday (August 15) was achieved when the Foo Fighters frontman crashed his "Grohlathon" session and laid down a vocal cover of Sting’s contribution as part of Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing."

"What the f**k are you guys doing?" Grohl asked Finnerty as a cardboard cutout of the star appeared in the background. Finnerty went on to explain the origin of his livestream and his intent on keeping busy amid quarantine. In response, Grohl admitted that he was attending a diner party with friends when actor Andrew Sikking informed him of the session. Cue the rendition of "Money For Nothing" and the rest is history.

"Is it good to be Grohl?" Finnerty asked Grohl during their chat. "Oh yeah, it’s the f**king best. There was no way I was not going to call in. Just so you could take a f**king nap."

In a follow-up interview with Rolling Stone, Finnerty recalled the impromptu virtual jam session. "Grohl was as cool as I knew he would be. I’ve always wanted to host a talk show and corona has kind of given me one. I want it to grow so that I could do cooler sh*t, because I have ridiculous ideas that I think will all work," he explained. "My whole f**king life has been spent looking at Grohl. In high school, all I did was listen to Nirvana. And if I want to watch a documentary now, there’s Grohl. And he plays with the Beatles. He plays with Led Zeppelin."

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We got Grohl. Thanks Grohl.

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