Linkin Park shares unseen footage from "One Step Closer" video shoot

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 10:13AM
Ceethreedom for iHeartRadio

Ceethreedom for iHeartRadio

Linkin Park has continued to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its debut album, Hybrid Theory, this month with some never-before-seen footage.

Over the weekend, the guys uploaded a five-minute video of the making of the “One Step Closer” music video and it's the ultimate throwback.

The video opens with the late Chester Bennington talking about playing music since he was 13 and how excited he was to find the other guys in Linkin Park. “We're lucky that we all work really well together and everybody's really talented,” he said in the clip.

Bennington explained in the footage why Linkin Park chose “One Step Closer” as its lead single. “The song itself is a very good representation of the group as far as the riffs and the power of the song, and the aggression of it. Lyrically, it’s just about being fed up, and expressing that angst we all feel,” he said.

Later in the footage, Mike Shinoda shares his hopes that the band's music can be timeless — if only young Shinoda could see how right he was (the video currently has over 112 million views on YouTube).

“Mixing rap and rock is relatively recent as far as popular radio goes when we first started the band five years ago, we were doing the exact same thing we're doing now,” he said. “With that experience under our belt and the songwriting… that's what we hold on to as something that hopefully can be timeless.”

Watch the whole thing below and relive the “One Step Closer” video, too!

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