Watch Weezer's brand new video for "California Snow" featuring Adam Devine as a deranged therapist

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Thursday, 14 November 2019, 4:14PM

It's been over a year since Weezer released "California Snow," their contribution to the film Spell, and now that the movie has officially released, the band shared the song's official video.

The clip was directed by Brendan Walter, who also directed the film, and features the movie's star Barak Hardley, who's receiving some peculiar therapist treatment from none other than Adam Devine. The visuals alternate between the pair's interaction and scenes from the film. It gets more and more bizarre with each passing second, until finally ending with both men baring their chests and playing instruments while nightclub lighting suddenly illuminates the therapist office. By the end of the video, Devine declares Hardley cured.

Watch the strange "California Snow" video above.

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