Calling on the toothless, wrinkly and big-nosed: 'Lord of the Rings' wants you!

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Tuesday, 7 January 2020, 10:39AM
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By: Nikki Preston

The toothless, rugged faced, genderless, extremely tall and super skinny are all needed for the new Lord of the Rings series.

Casting for actors and extra for the new Amazon Lord of the Rings TV series is already under way with ads being placed for people with unique features.

The series is touted be the most expensive TV series ever and the successful applicants will begin filming at the Kumeu studio from February.

"We need loads of new talent to fit in the hundreds of roles we have available," the ad placed by KAM Talent said.

"We're looking for all sorts! Craggy weather faces, big noses, square faces, stocky physique, character faces, lots of wrinkles, missing teeth, slender faces, high cheek bones, light skin, light hair, red hair, willowy proportions, slender bodies (between 1.72m and 1.82m) genderless, model types and loads more!," the ad said.

People with the required characteristics, who had reliable transport and could be flexible during business hours were urged to apply.

Extras' roles pay between $250 and $350 a day and actors will receive between $500 to $1000 per day.

KAM Talent director Kim Tiam said they were seeking with people who had distinctive characteristics or an interesting look about them.

While they had been advertising in the North Shore due to the location of the studio, she said if a person had the look they were after then they could be based anywhere in the country and possibly have their transport costs covered.

Tiam said they were looking for people similar to those cast in the Game of Thrones.

"They are looking for people like that. Very similar-like characters," she said.

"They want pretty people as well, ugly people, character faces - everyone but everyone with an interesting look."

Tiam said it was a difficult show to cast because not everyone had the look they were after or could be available when they needed them.

Amazon Studios confirmed in September that the Lord of the Rings series would be produced in New Zealand over a five-year period.

The project is expected to deliver a massive boost for Auckland's economy, and unprecedented opportunities to grow jobs and careers in the region.

Production for the Lord of the Rings-based series is expected to take place at a range of sites around the Auckland region including Kumeu Film Studios and another in Albany.

American crews have already been in Auckland for months. Pre-production began in 2017, but filming is not due to start until this year.

Auckland mayor Phil Goff told the Herald in September the large production would help Auckland's world class screen business grow.

"We already have a billion-dollar screen industry and being the main production base for Amazon's new TV series will take it to a new level."

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) played a lead role, the New Zealand Film Commission and regional film offices all worked with Amazon Studio to bring the production to Auckland and New Zealand and meet Amazon Studios' extensive production requirements.

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