Macaulay Culkin recreates classic Home Alone scenes for Christmas ad

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Thursday, 20 December 2018, 4:56PM

Macaulay Culkin has revived Kevin McCallister to recreate some iconic Home Alone scenes for Christmas.

Admittedly, the reason for this Christmas miracle is a little bit lame - it's an ad for Google Home and it's more than a little cringeworthy, but if that's what it takes to relive our childhoods then we'll take it. (Well played, Google. Well played).

Culkin appears in a minute-long clip as a grown-up Kevin enjoying a day home alone.

As such, he still indulges in all of the same activities as he did as a kid, just with the help of technology and a little bit of modernisation - instead of Michael Jordan on a trainset you've got Kevin Durant on a Roomba.

You get the iconic shaving scene, the bed-jumping scene, the eating ice-cream and watching movies scene, and of course, a "keep the change ya filthy animal" nod.

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