Matt & Jerry's Tokyo Itinerary - Paintball Whaling

Publish Date
Wednesday, 3 October 2018, 11:08AM

Thanks to our mates at Tradestaff the Hauraki Breakfast All Work No Play Very Important Business Trip is back!!

This time Matt & Jerry are planning to undertake the ultimate rugby reccie in Tokyo but not before a spot of business trip planning!

We’re giving you and a mate the chance to do some serious business with Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells on the streets of Tokyo.  You’ll be doing the hard yards before thousands of great New Zealanders head over next year for the big show.

Plus you’ll be headed to the New Zealand - Japan test live at Ajinomoto Stadium

Keep listening to the cue to call 0800 Hauraki and get in the draw

The ALL Work No Play Very Important Business Trip to Tokyo all thanks to the bloody great New Zealanders at Tradestaff – In the business of getting you working