Knives At Noon - Trust Trust

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 May 2016, 12:53PM

Knives At Noon were a 4-piece synth-indie-pop band from Dunedin. Then they weren’t. Well, they technically never properly split up (dis-banded they call it in the industry), so let's use the term ‘hiatus’. At the time Knives At Noon had their fair share of functional issues – your standard ego problems, artistic differences and an awkward unwillingness to cooperate with record labels.

After the band received some attention from their first and only single "Violins and Violence" in 2011,  they continued to work hard and wrote several albums worth of material over a short period of time. As well as this, they were constantly travelling around the country making an impact with their live shows. In late 2012 continuing disagreements within the group led to a dramatic departure of half of its members, and naturally, the severance from their record label…

They say that time heals, and they are right, because two years later the songwriter-vocalist-guitarist (Tim McCartney), drummer  (Tim Couch) and keyboardist (Oli Wilson) found themselves enjoying each other's company once again, and after having a greatly needed laugh at themselves, they did what comes naturally - make music.

The reunion coincided with keyboardist Oli meeting an enthusiastic young UK-based producer/engineer named Brendan Davies while he was in Thailand while re-recording the cult track "Pink Frost" with Dunedin band The Chills. On his return to NZ, Oli was contacted by Brendan to see if the band were interested in recording some tracks. A few months later the band was back in the studio in Dunedin working on a new EP with Brendan at the helm. The first single off this (yet to be titled) EP is “Trust Trust”; perhaps not so coincidentally, a dark and thumping song about the sweet and sour aspects of control within a relationship. They were also invited by Hauraki to support Cold War Kids in March this year. 

It's been a while, but here is the long anticipated video for "Trust Trust".